Real Estate Litigation

Jeff Bezos is most famous for founding and acquiring The Washington Post, but he also makes headlines for owning more than 400,000 acres of land.  All that property puts him among the top 100 private U.S. landholders.  McDonald’s is famous for being a pioneer and leader in the fast-food industry.  But its real value comes from owning over $30 billion in real estate, which generates close to $5 billion in annual profits.

Potential advantages of real estate investing are building equity, hedging against inflation, and generating wealth through appreciation.  The real estate industry includes property owners, managers, and investors, with a vast array of contractors, lenders, lawyers, brokers, and consultants playing supporting roles.

Broadly speaking, real estate litigation arises in four distinct areas.  They are: Acquisition and Development; Investment and Lending; Regulatory Compliance; and the Landlord-Tenant Relationship.  The laws affecting real estate disputes can also be grouped into four categories; namely, property rights, contract law, business torts, and enforcement.

Lynch Daskal Emery LLP litigates real estate disputes for property owners, developers, prospective acquirers, investors, and tenants.  These clients turn to us because our lawyers appreciate that competent representation requires the ability to formulate and advocate for innovative solutions while maintaining the capacity to see a lawsuit through trial and verdict.